P. Shing Ho’s favorite structure is:

DNA Double-helix

DNA Double-helix

Source: Photo taken of model in office


DNA—the structure that launched a thousand startups. Although the original
Watson-Crick model would not be called a "crystal structure" by
today's standards (it is consistent with the X-ray fiber diffraction
pattern, but was not solved directly from the X-ray data), the model has been
supported by multiple single crystal structures (of DNA alone or in complexes
with proteins), and has lead to an explosion (a virtual alphabet soup) of
related conformations, the majority of which have been discovered through
crystallography. It is the one structure that nearly every high school student
and company CEO knows, and has seen starring roles in films (from Jurassic Park
to the Hulk), on television (from Nova to the Big Bang Theory), and in comic
strips (from Bloom County to Zits). DNA is probably the most referenced
structure in journals and magazines, even in Chemical and Engineering News.
Thus, DNA structure reaches far beyond science, to science fiction and
non-science, and to, unfortunately in some cases, nonsense.—P. Shing

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  1. Relating to the statement,”had Pauling had access to Frankin’;s X=ray data, he would have very likely deduced the correct structure of DNA .. but he was denied a passport”. I enjoyed a conversation with one of Pauling’s son at the time of Pauling’s 90th birthday celebration who confirmed this view. He provided the additional information that his brother, who was in England at the time, was “brainwashed” by the Watkins group to provide information about Pauling’s work that aided their effort. This second son became mentally disturbed because of this.

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