Nichole Wonderling’s favorite structure is:

Perovskite – PZT


Source: Structure generated by Jade2010 from
Materials Data, Inc. using ICDD ref 04-002-9085 (LPF 383176)


The perovskite structure of lead zirconate titanate, (Pb[Zr(x)Ti(1-x)]O3), known as PZT, is my favorite crystal structure.  Developed around 1952 at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, it is one of the world’s most widely used piezoelectric ceramic materials and touches our lives in the form of ultrasound transducers, sensors and actuators, and capacitors on a daily basis.  As the subject of interest for a plethora of research in our laboratory, PZT holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the faculty, staff and students of the Materials Research Institute at The Pennsylvania State University. —Nichole Wonderling

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