Michael T Deans’s favorite structure is:

tetragonal water ice


Proton ordered tetragonal ice is a variant of cubic ice, sharing the strength of diamond and crystallizing in liquid nitrogen. It undergoes a first order ferroelectric transition, lazing at ~4 micron with quanta of the same energy as nucleotide phosphodiester bonds. Forming on the Earth's poles during an extreme primordial ice age and subject to fluctuating temperatures, this coherent infrared light was polarized by multiple reflection by surface ice and ice in clouds. Shining on equatorial pools of water, selectively photophosphorylated deoxyribonucleotides polymerised to form chiral DNA.

Ice It explains the origin of life, see full  account of 47 years' research at www.scienceuncoiled.co.uk. Its most significant consequences are: [1] Predicting the value of supplementing trace elements Se, Ag, Zn, F, Cu, I, Mn and In for disease prevention. [2] Explaining the biological energy coupling involved in muscle contraction, photosynthesis and oxidative phosphorylation. [3] Suggesting a chromosome structure functioning as the chip in the brain, biological clock and cold fusion reactor.

When confirmed, emulating ice It's properties promises better health, more human-friendly computers and clean ways to generate energy. The associated relativity between conception and perception offers simple accounts of particle physics, nuclear structure and cosmology. —Michael T Deans

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