Claire Tessier’s favorite structure is:



Source: I generated the picture from the CIF file in the Cambridge Crystallographic Database that is associted with the reference: Organometallics 1983,2, 1128-1138.


This crystal structure is important to me for several reasons:
1) It was pivotal for understanding the THF cleavage that was occurring in my PhD research project. The structure shows an opened THF molecule in between the Al and P atoms.
2) It was the first published collaborative work between my husband (Wiley Youngs) and me. He was the crystallographer and at the time was also a grad student.  We have been collaborating ever since (~86 publications).
3) It was the first published collaborative work between my husband’s (Churchill) and my (Beachley) research advisors.  They went on to publish a total of ~33 papers together.
The crystal structure was published in C. Tessier-Youngs, Wiley J. Youngs, 0. T. Beachley, Jr., and Melvyn Rowen Churchill Organometallics 1983,2, 1128-1138. —Claire Tessier

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