C&EN Webinar: The Rise Of X-ray Free Electron Lasers


Source: SLAC
In crystallography experiments at the Coherent X-ray Imaging experimental station at LCLS, a liquid jet delivers nanoscale crystals into this chamber, where X-ray laser pulses strike them.

With X-ray beams a billion times brighter than that available from traditional synchrotron sources, and the ability to record changes that happen in mere femtoseconds, X-ray free electron lasers are changing the field of X-ray crystallography. Want to film a chemical reaction as it happens? Determine the structure of a single particle of a virus? X-ray free electron lasers are opening up these and other previously unexplored areas of experimentation. In this webinar, C&EN brings you a conversation with two of the field’s pioneers, Uwe Bergmann and Cluadio Pellegrini.



Uwe Bergman

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Stanford University

catalina cp small

Claudio Pellegrini

Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory



Elizabeth Wilson


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