Make money at Mega Moolah

General description of the Mega Moolah slot machine

Mega Moolah is an iconic African slot from Microgaming that is now connected to a worldwide network of progressive jackpots. You can count on random wild reel spins, x2 wild wins and 4 familiar symbol bonus rounds. The volatility is higher and the RTP is slightly lower, but you can still win 12,000 times more than with the progressive jackpot feature.

RNG game with bonuses and completely honest

Since this video slot is in the developer’s progressive jackpot system, you won’t be able to find its demo version in licensed gambling establishments. To try to play the slot for free, to get acquainted with its specifics, of course, you can find analogues of Mega Mules on the net. But you have to understand that such slots uses a completely different random number generator. It will be the same machine, with the same symbols and bonus games, but the frequency of their falling out will be completely different. Judging by the simulator on the real game for money is not worth it.

Regular bonuses and payouts

Few online slots have stood the test of time, like Microgaming’s iconic vampire drama Immortal Affair. Like the 4 main characters, the game has an outdated quality, and connecting it to the most famous online jackpot network certainly seems like a powerful upgrade. However, whether it can push back the original only time will tell. Users praise the machine for the regular rollout of bonus games with free spins, good payoff and ease of operation. Play in “Mega Moolah” is recommended only on the licensed gaming sites that the joy of winning has not been overshadowed by the impossibility of taking the payment from the casino.

History of the slot

The slot was first placed in casinos in November 2006. It quickly became popular enough: Users choose it again and again to play — the opportunity to break the jackpot of several million dollars makes their heads spin. Currently, the slot machine is listed in the online Slot Records as the biggest online casino jackpot ever won — a whopping $17.8 million.

Mega Moolah Lines

The Mega Moolah slot machine is over 13 years old. Of course, it can not compare to mega-modern 3D slots new generation — is more of a category of “retro”. But in this classic has its own unique charm. The slot consists of five spinning reels lined up in three lines. Winning lines — 25. The player himself chooses the number of lines to bet.

Demo and real money all in one

The developer himself does not give the software to institutions with low ratings and casinos that do not have a license for gambling activities. If you find Mega Moolah in the institution without a license, you can be one hundred percent sure that in front of you a fake, which is not worth the attention. Especially not recommended to risk customers who want to play not only in the demo version, but also for real money.

Conclusions: Mega Moolah is a chance to win millions

Play Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming often comes to users who cherish the dream of incredible winnings and the opportunity to start a completely different life of a dollar millionaire. And this is not a pipe dream, because the machine has already made the lucky more than 30 people!

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